Sonnesgade 11 (1st floor)
8000 Aarhus C
+45 3211 1001


Trangravsvej 6 (1st floor)
1436 Copenhagen
+45 3213 1001


Rasmus Therkildsen, Partner, Architect MAA, rt[@], 3088 1001
Søren Leth, Partner, Architect MAA MDL, sl[@], 2711 1990
Lars Jensen, Team Leader, Architect MAA, lj[@], 3048 0001

Allan Edmond Hansen, Architect MAA, aeh[@], 9244 3225
Anders Brøchner Poulsen, Constructing Architect MAK, ap[@], 9244 3228
Andreas Gotthelf Kristensen, Architect MAA, agk[@], 9244 3227
Clement Lobbens, Architect, cl[@], 9244 3232
Dace Gurecka, Architect, dg[@], 9244 3230
Jens Bager, Architect MAA, jb[@], 9244 3226
Jens Kinch, Architect MDL, jk[@], 9244 3229
Johan Eg Nørgaard, Student Assistant, jen[@]
Khedidja Benniche, Student Assistant, kb[@]
Lea Olandersson, Office Manager, lo[@], 3211 1001
Lene Mirdal, Architect MAA, lm[@],
Mahlon James Assante-Yeboah, Intern, may[@]
Maria Skovgaard Olesen, Intern, mso[@]
Martin Jonsbak Nielsen, Constructing Architect, mjn[@], 9244 3236
Martin Sørensen, Architect MAA, mas[@],
Maximilian Sven Skaara, Architect MAA, mss[@],
Nadja Bendix Thomsen, Office and Marketing Consultant, nbt[@], 3211 1001
Niels Eli Kjær Thomsen, Architect, nkt[@]
Rasmus Møller, Architect, rm[@]
Remy Cárat, Intern, rca[@]
Sofia Morre Christensen, Piccoline, piccoline[@]
Søren Chr. Madsen, Architect MAA, scm[@], 3136 9442


General Inquiries: post[@], +45 3211 1001
New Business/Project Inquiries: post[@], +45 3211 1001
Lectures: post[@]
Press Inquiries: post[@], +45 3211 1001



SLETH is a company in constant development that is always looking for talented people.
We emphasize courage, creativity, curiosity and professionalism.

To apply for a job or an internship, briefly describe your motivation and why we need you.
Attach your application and portfolio and send it to adm[@]
Remember to specify which position and office you’re applying for in the subject line.
For potential new interns, we encourage you to specify your desired start-up date.

We are currently looking for constructing architects interns for the spring semester 2018.
To learn please click here.