The church in Ildved is only one century old and built with the contemporary architectural ideals and proportions. While working with the space we discovered that the Fibonacci sequence was deeply imbedded in the architectural composition of the buildings on site. With the proposal, we wanted to bring about these ideals, also we want to gather church, chapel and gateway physically as well as visually on one unifying carpet exposing the underlying geometric system. This is done with blank steel crosses embedded in the black carpet, marking sequence and proportions. The new church space provides a level access from the gateway to the buildings so that it meets today’s standards of “accessibility for all”.

When the stairs in front of the church can no longer be, it is important to create an alternative to the ritual value imbedded in the stairs as an architectural element. Therefore, we place a local stone, found in the fields of the farmers originally funding for the church 100 years ago, as a gem in the carpet. The stone will be that special place where children can play and where the bride picture can be taken.

The plaza is expected to be completed by October 2016.