Team SLETH, SLA AND MOE has been selected as one of two finalists in the masterplan competition for Levantkaj, Skudehavn and Skudeløbet. The Levantkaj masterplan covers 340.000 m2 of land and 130.000m2 of water area. The assignment focuses on the urban development of the harbour site, with an emphasis on a versatile city climate as an integrated part of the green areas and the surrounding waterfront.
The project differs from other projects, such as Sundmolen, due to Levantkaj’s status of being a former container terminal. As such, the area does not have common historical strings in the form of buildings and structures but remains a tabula rasa. A main part of the project has therefore also been the vision for a new identity that will inspire a sense of ownership for future residents of the new city centre.

Team SLETH, MOE and SLA also consists of Ellen Braae, Claus Bech-Danielsen, Rene Kural, and Moe Seacon.

The final winner of the masterplan competition is expected to be announced in mid December.

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