The project consists of a multi scalar vision; The Great Landscape, Anchor points and a Market Plaza.

Proposal establishes a range of different scales and different strategies for a variety of interventions: from protecting valuable landscapes, restoring old farms to creating spaces for the neighborhood. Interventions contribute to a clear overall goal: consolidating existing qualities and adding new ones.

Project formulates 4 strategic layers:
– living in the great landscape: concept of spaces of quality
– minimal intervention with maximal effect: principles for sustainable interventions
– bringing the connections and keeping the distance: strategy for balanced mobility
– consolidation of the structure: directions for the land use policy

This way we formulate frames and tools for the city to reflect and act on its spaces. It’s a base for defining and exploring of a common ambition between the city authorities, the citizens and all potential actors taking part in the future development of Torhout.

Year: 2017
Location: Torhout BE
Size: 12400 m² (Main streets of urban core), 5200 m² (Market plaza)
Status: Invited competition, masterplan for urban renewal
Collaborators: Sylwia Bogdan, TRACTEBEL Engineering, Studio ROMA