Why make an identity update? In recent years SLETH has grown from a small office into a larger operation that now employs more than 30 people. At the same time, SLETH have moved from designing primarily master- and vision plans to also designing buildings. These changing conditions make maintaining visual coherence in the office’s output more difficult — but also more important. The objective of the identity work is not to create a new identity for SLETH, but to update and sharpen the existing.

In SLETH’s monograph “SLETH Modernism” from 2010, Professor Claus Peder Pedersen writes about the office’s visual aesthetic in the preface:

“This rather reserved expression is not to be regarded as self-sufficiency. It is rather to be seen as a token of integrity towards the central ideas of the projects.”

This statement is central to the expression of the updated identity. Drawing on a modernist tradition of graphic design, the identity is typography- and grid based rather than reliant on patterns and colors. It acts as a pragramatic frame around its content: the architectural production of the office. SLETH will present itself as simultaniously humble and bold at the same time. Humility will be found in the generous white space and stripped down aesthetic. Boldness will be found in the archtiectural vision.

The renewed identity is applied to presentation templates, tote bags, signage and stationary.

In May 2018 we presented the identity with an exhibition inside the monolithic concrete facade of Sonnesgade 11.