The project Aarslev Fælled (the Aarslev common) is based on the ambition of creating ‘Super Nature’. Super Nature can be seen as the expression of nature where human settlement, community formation and nature (re)alignment are combined in a common system. The project enhances the existing landscape as a new fertile ground for sustainable settlement.

The project creates a number of new local identities while taking advantage of the recreational potentials within and around the area. Hereby creating a landscape based strategy for future development, ensuring varied settlement opportunities in a regional context.

The Super Nature mindset for Aarslev focus in particular on three elements:
Local Community: Existing strong communities, cooperation’s and entrepreneurship with local commitment.
The Landscape Premise: The Aarslev lake area and future landscape regeneration projects as the starting point.
The Infrastructural Linkages: The area’s immediate access to regional infrastructure and the future light rail system.

Year: 2016
Location: Aarhus DK
Size: 65 ha
Collaborators: Kim Bisgaard, Innovation Lab