Campus Slagelse project “Green Breakthrough” is a winning proposal of an invited competition which offers a holistic development strategy of the town. The project rethinks the town’s existing urban structure and strengthens the link between the center of Slagelse and university campus district. The proposal is adding new layers to the city with a green structure that binds town together and forms the basis for new urban development projects. The green connection gives priority to the pedestrians and bike users, connecting green and recreational areas of the town.

The prerequisite for the new urban structure is an understanding and rethinking of Slagelse’s existing infrastructure. The project supports the understanding of Slagelse, as a modern educational center, with well-functioning infrastructure, which works both locally and regionally, is attractive for housing, recreational functions and commerce.

Year: 2016
Location: Slagelse DK
Size: 30 ha, 1000 m²
Status: 1st prize in invited competition
Collaborators: Erik Brandt Dam, Fjerring, Tom Nielsen, Mark Lorenzen and Urban Creators