The Glass Museum of Ebeltoft is facing an expansion which aims to enhance experience qualities of exhibitions and improve museum’s architectural functionality.
Aim of the project is to improve interior design of the existing building, create a better interaction between museum, its garden and waterfront and to establish a framework for a unique experience of glass art.
Project is envisioning museum expansion with a light and transparent architectural expression – an open and welcoming gesture to the public. Extension’s simplicity and transparency creates unique identity and at the same time forms a clear part of the architectural wholeness of the complex.
Extension contains a multifunctional space that includes cafe, exhibition area and workshop space.

The Classic, The Modern and The Transparent House
After the expansion, Glass Museum of Ebeltoft will be a museum that spans between 3 architectural styles. Toldboden represents the classical house, latest expansion is the modern house and our proposal intends to add the transparent house.

Year: 2017
Location: Ebeltoft DK
Size: 1.231 m2
Status: Invited competition