The project for the Farverikvartalet is based on the appreciation of the industrial heritage of Gjøvik (NO). The future Farverikvartalet takes the legacy from the distinctive Silo building and the car park that have marked the site for many years and replaces it with an equally strong new identity – this time filled with urban life and activities.

The project proposes a peripherial block urban sheme with a faceted volumes in different heights and colours. The stucture of the block is inspired by the architecture of the Gjøvik’s Town Hall which steps down to the river in the same way as Farverikvartalet proposal. Towards Elva the project is creating a new facade of the Farverikvartalet – one which is outgoing, expressive, colored in different materials and filled with city life. At the same time, along the river, completely new urban promenade for Gjøvik is established which defines the towns new green and recreational epicenter.

Year: 2017 – ongoing
Location: Gjøvik NO
Size: 12.600 m2
Team: Kontur, SLETH
Status: Invited competition, 1st prize, ongoing