Huntonstranda is located on the waterfront of Gjøvik, between the city’s industry and the lake Mjøsa. Currently Huntonstranda is characterised by a heavy infrastructure network, that is continuously expanding. We propose a reconstruction of the coastline that connects Gjøvik with Mjøsa by establishing three innovative new city districts, each with a distinct identity:

The Marina District is placed near and on the water with access to boat landings, making way for new ways of interacting with the Marina. The district is envisioned as a laboratory for new types of permanent and temporary houses for citizens and visitors.

The Mjøsa Beach District is a terracing city landscape with houses that range from two to six stories. It is placed in a coastal park that links the city center to the lake through public recreational space. The apartments range in ownership types and sizes, making it a diverse neighborhood for students, families and senior citizens.

The Elva Cultural District is a vibrant cluster of urban culture, innovation and city life. It consists of a close network of mixed-use buildings with active ground floors, office spaces and educational hubs. The district is structured around the river with recreational boardwalks on either side.

The project secures Gjøvik from flood threats and rising sea levels by raising the buildings and designing the landscape to be able to transform from green to blue recreational areas.

Year: 2018
Location: Gjøvik NO
Size: 130.000 m2
Team: SLETH, Kontur
Status: open competition, honorable mention