The Coal Bridge Project is a private initiative created by a local group of people in Aarhus, also known as “Friends of the Coal Bridge”. The aim is to create something extraordinary for the city of Aarhus – a prototype for a new type of private-public cooperation in Denmark.

The overall vision for this project is to bring the bridge and its neighborhood to life again and create a new, iconic landmark in the city. A green, linear park around and on top of the coal bridge, connecting the city center with the harbor. The Coal Bridge Project wishes to set a standard for the development of the entire South Harbor area. Meant as guidelines on how to both preserve old industrial monuments like the bridge and the already existing culture, and develop new buildings and usage of the area. The Coal Bridge Project interacts with Aarhus’ urban environment through the disused 8-metre high coal bridge, which has not been in use for decades. The Coal Bridge Project works actively with bottom-up urban development with sustainability as a core value.

The project has been kick-started during 2015 by various activities in the area, all held by the “Friends of the Coal Bridge”, such as food markets and exhibitions that have attracted tens of thousands of people already – thereby creating a massive support for the overall vision that we work to accomplish in 2017. Second phase of the project is now ongoing, with a number of urban elements inspired by the industrial heritage of the bridge (bike lanes, temporary pavilions, landscape hills and new urban nature) been added to the area under the coal bridge.