The Urban Coast
Vision for the new city district of Levantkaj is created by interpreting the history of Copenhagen’s relationship with the water. In a role of production resource, infrastructure element, battlefield or recreational element, the water has formed the focal point of the life of Copenhagen. The key ambition of the new Levantkaj district project is to create a unique spot between city, canals, harbor and sea – we call it ‘Urban Coast’. The proposal for Levantkaj is a robust masterplan that ensures dynamic and responsible urban development that combines blue and green values with social, economic and environmental sustainability.

The Coast for Everyone
As the city’s meeting with water is the key organizational principle for the design of the new district- this city’s skeleton is the element which is managing urban life, infrastructure, climatic and social challenges. In Levantkaj, the coast and the coast’s natural qualities are public infrastructure in a good old Nordic principle made for everyone. At the same time, the mission of the project is to provide space and opportunity for housing in all sizes and in all price ranges – without compromising the quality of life.


Year: 2017
Location: Copenhagen DK
Size: 340.000 m2 of land and 130.000 m2 of water area
Status: Invited competition, finalist, 2nd prize
Team: SLETH, SLA, MOE, Ellen Braae, Claus Bech-Danielsen, Rene Kural