The future requirements for planning and architecture are to a much higher degree than ever before related to city life, sustainability and the cultural DNA of places. SLETH has been working with accommodating these requirements through recent projects like the masterplanning of the Copenhagen North Harbour, the transformation of the Aarhus Municipal Hospital, Bassin 7 in the new city district Aarhus Ø, the former industrial area Godsbanen, and the repurposing of an old Egg Packing Plant in Aarhus.

We intent to further strengthen that work. We are very excited to announce that SLETH has initiated a strategic partnership with Martin Thim. Martin has through a range of significant projects established himself as an innovative and leading voice on urban development, sustainability and cultural identity. He is the initiator and project leader of the culture- and architecture project Kulbroen on the southern harbor of Aarhus and is behind last years biggest European conference for creatives, Creativity World Forum 2017. With Martin as a permanent collaborator we strengthen the office’s work with user involvement, urban culture and development plans.

Martin Thim has a special feel for urban culture and has with a strong hands on-approach developed a long range of successful projects. These are projects and initiatives that have been developed from scratch and have grown to have significant strategic impacts on the development of Aarhus.

Together we look forward to developing new perspectives on urban development and liveability with an international dimension. Livability to us is about the good life for all kinds of people. In collaboration with our partners and stakeholders we are creating new business models for the future of construction and architecture with a focus on culture, sustainability, technology, quality and health. This approach will now be further explored, developed and challenged when we enter into both national and international projects in partnership with Martin.

Martin will be dividing his time between his new office in Boston and the SLETH headquarters in Aarhus, thereby strengthening the office’s international profile.