Welcome to North Harbour!
The expansion of the Copenhagen’s metro creates a potential to define new gates for Copenhagen’s neighborhoods and create new hierarchies in the city’s space. Nordhavns Plaza, Orientkaj Plaza and the Green Loop are examples of 3 different spatial transit situations, where new types of urban spaces can be developed as part of the new harbor identity of Copenhagen. The ambition of the three proposals is to combine transit spaces with the urban space qualities – proposals see mobility apparatus as contemporary type of urban space and as a natural consequence of the sustainable mobility of the modern city.

‘Underground & Ground’, ‘Horizon’, ‘Sky & Sea’
The metro stations in North Harbour are in many ways the introduction to the specific city district. At North Harbour Plaza, the metro is hidden under the square, and is located like a traditional underground station in the center of the district. At Orientkaj Plaza, the metro stop is located above the urban space straight next to the waterfront. While the Green Loop draws the coherent line that connects these two situations. The project is using 3 themes as inspiration for the specific identity of each of the urban spaces: “Underground & Ground” ID for North Harbour Plaza, “Horizon” for the Green Loop and “Sky & Sea” for Orientkaj Plaza.

North Harbour Plaza: Carpet of Earth Colors
North Harbour Plaza is the first place you meet when arriving to North Harbour. The entrance to the North Harbour and Aarhusgade district is experienced in connection with coatings, planting and terrain treatment. The metro entrance serves as a clear central access and orientation point – and is the strongest element of the space – the Obelisk of the plaza.

Orientkaj Plaza: Movement through North Harbour Elements
Orientkaj plaza is the first spot where visitors meet the water of North Harbour, where the metro rises above the city and where one can experience the North Sea’s vast blue and green identity. The space is an extensive hub of experiences on a large and intimate scale, combining underground, loop and waterfront with a view to Øresund. The plaza design is a collection of landscapes that reflect the Øresund coastal landscape types. Along the Green Loop, a distinctive green zone is established with 100 trees of different heights and expressions, organized in porous situations and in dense clusters. Here is created both – a room for a big view to the water and sky, as well as an intimate stay and comfort spaces for play and breaks.


Year: 2017
Location: Copenhagen DK
Size: North Harbour Plaza 2880 m2, Orientkaj Plaza 9145 m2
Team: Sleth
Status: Invited competition, 1st prize for Orientkaj Plaza, ongoing