2018.05 SLETH x AAFx presents SUPERDESIGN

On May 9th at 17h SLETH will be presenting the film SUPER DESIGN in Øst for Paradis as part of the Aarhus Architecture Film Festival. The film traces the steps of 19 members of the Italian Radical Movement in the 60’s and 70’s. The Radical Movement grew from a tumultuous period of political violence and terrorist attacks in Italy. They used art, architecture and design as means to develop utopian ideas and critical discourse on social constructions, political systems, and physical manifestations. Much of the Radicals’ production exist only on paper, but have had massive impacts on global architectural waves, especially in the transition from modernism to post-modernism. You will know projects like the Continuous Monument by Superstudio or the No-Stop City by Archizoom, both of which were at their core highly critical of contemporary modernist urban design, though presented in the form of world spanning utopias.