Steelscape is based on a reading of Frederiksværk’s multiple identities. The city is at once a (steel) plant, landscape and a city. The physical communication is grounded in the idea of the self-explanatory city, with the clear aim to make visible and activate the industrial heritage as an active tool for the development of the city.

The urban development plan brings together a number of new strategies / interventions at different scales. Simple architectural interventions, in a combining of conservation and future proposals, create the basis for a merge of cultural heritage, the unique landscapes and everyday life. The urban plan identifies a number of strategies and specific urban key locations that are developed with a focus on local ownership and responsibility, recreational qualities and the city’s unique industrial heritage.

Year: 2014
Location: Frederiksværk DK
Size: Development plan, urban spaces from 100 – 2.500 m2
Status: 1 st prize in competition
Collaborators: Erik Brandt Dam Arkitekter, Martin Zerlang, Vera Noldus, Ole Puggaard, Moe