The development plan builds on a reading of the multiple identity of Stigsborg as both fjord settlement, (post) industrial area and modern knowledge city.
The transformation strategy focus on the revitalization of the existing industrial structures, progressive concepts for land management and urban life growing up of a number of existing social networks.
The concept for the new urban area of ´Stigsborg Harbourfront’ can be summarized in three terms: Street Life, Park Life, Fjord Life. The three main strategies for urban life guides the future living qualities of the individual neighborhoods in the district, with attractive urban space as a framework for both the residents’ everyday life and as eventful, public spaces and landscapes for the entire city.

The district’s two large public spaces, the Fjord Promenade and ‘Syren’, are significant new additions to the urban recreational landscapes along the fjord. Stigsborg will connect with Nørresundby in the hinterland. The two districts will form a common front and façade towards Aalborg and frame the large space between them – Limfjorden.
Along the edge of the water, the post-industrial identity is expressed through cultural and public functions in and around the historic buildings along the city’s edge.
“Syren” is the central urban element in the city. The green park connects the new neighborhoods – a coherent, active landscape as the focal point for the modern settlement in Stigborg Harbourfront.

Year: 2016-
Location: Aalborg DK
Size: 55 ha
Status: Ongoing
Team: Sleth, Transform, Sweco, Kuben, Institut for (x), Martin Thim, Innovation Lab, Tom Nielsen, Ellen Braae