In a neighborhood of colliding urban characteristics, a blend of building heritages, the future TabFab is grounded as a constellation of cultural institutions all different and all capable of cross fertilizing each other in a common cultural hub on the Riga region.

In many ways the site and programs are full of contradictions and paradoxes and in here lies the potential to explore. We believe that the new history can meet the old and this is what the future factory should reflect. Not one building or heritage is the perfect one it’s the many layers that forms the collective setting. We see the whole complex as a creative cosmos of overlapping programs, spaces for interaction and unscheduled encounters.

Year: 2018
Location: Riga, LV
Type: Transformation
Size: 10.000m2
Collaborators: Kondens, Heidi Merrild
Assignment: Open competition
Status: Awarded honorable mention