We are proud to announce that SLETH in collaboration with Niras and Center for Byudvikling og Mobilitet has developed a masterplan and a local plan for the site that currently houses the Danish School of Media and Journalism. The local plan was sent to public hearing the 14th of June.

The project is part of a plan to transform the School of Journalism after it moves to a new location in Katrinebjerg. The area is primarily transformed into a housing area with rich variation, mixed housing typology, sizes and forms of ownership. This includes 50 units of public family homes, 300 units of public youth housing as well as daycare institutions and possibly grocery stores. It will become a unified area with a coherent architecture, treatment of terrain and infrastructure, which are all based on the identity of the existing built environment. The purpose of the plan is also to secure the conservation of the significant architectural cultural heritage of the main building of the School of Journalism located on Olof Palmes Allé. This will allow the building to be appropriated as a place for common functions for the area, socio-economic initiatives, cafés and a new museum for the artist Ovartaci.

The masterplan comprises an area of about 41.500m2 and has a size and density that will give it a high degree of urbanity. As a part of the masterplan several local spaces between the buildings will be established, and each part of the plan will be provided with clear characteristics, in order to create local identity, feeling of ownership, and diversity.

The area is bordered by Olof Palmes Allé and the new Light Rail to the east, a social housing area to the south, Storbylandsby II, and Vestereng and the Super Cykling Path to the west. With a location between city and city park the site of the masterplan will in the future become an important link between the green recreational landscape of Vestereng and other important city functions: housing, mobility and public programmes and work places. A main focus of the plan is thereby to facilitate the transition between the green and the city.