Valdemarsgade project is created from an overall reading of the site’s unique character and location in Aarhus. The site is characterised by a sharp transition between flat plateau and sloping landscape of river valley, and between city of bocks, some informal inner courtyard houses and ‘Aarhus civic center’. The project proposal is connecting the ‘official Aarhus’ – City Hall, Concert Hall and Aros with the ‘informal town’ made by blocks and small residential houses. The project is the ‘hinge’ that connects the city with the backyard. Project establishes new urban hierarchy that creates series of transitions between city and countryside, between large scale and small, intimate situations.

Housing proposal has a unique division between different types of housing to ensure diversity in the composition of residents. The project is grounded in the idea of living in the city that has a special Aarhus DNA: The Composite City District. It envisions to create a vibrant and diverse city district, which draws inspiration from the existing city, while pointing forward. The project prioritizes both indoor and outdoor spaces dwellings (in the form of roof gardens, balconies and private gardens in the ground).

Year: 2015
Location: Aarhus DK
Size: 15.500 m²