2016.09 It’s All So Grand!

On Friday September the 9th we are proud to open our new building Sonnesgade 11.
After years’ work, drawing, modelling, debating, building, we can finally inaugurate the 2800 m² mixed purposed cultural building hosting a restaurant and canteen, a publisher, architects, a wine company and our office.
The building is our headquarter, a 1:1 image of our architecture, a signature.
We are proud to welcome you all.

Sonnesgade 11

Sonnesgade 11 is a 2800 m² mixed use building located centrally in Aarhus DK. The office is initiator and architect of the project. The building is inaugurated on Friday September 09th 2016.
The main idea and concept behind the project is an idea of testing our architecture in scale 1:1 in a built frame of a flexible mixed use purpose building.

Tønder Townhall

Contrasting the cultural heritage context of the town of Tønder by a 3000 m² light addition as a steel and glass building united with the use of local craft tradition red bricks.