SLETH Aarhus

Sonnesgade 11 (1st floor)
8000 Aarhus C
0045 3211 1001

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SLETH Copenhagen

Orientkaj 4
2150 Nordhavn
0045 3213 1001

Jobs & internships

SLETH is a company in constant development that is always looking for talented people. We emphasize courage, creativity, curiosity and professionalism. To apply for a job or an internship, briefly describe your motivation and why we need you. Remember to specify which position and office you’re applying for in the subject line. Attach your portfolio and send your applications  to

Note: We only accept portfolios, resumes, motivational letters etc. as PDF files. For potential new interns, we encourage you to specify your desired start-up date. Be aware that we store applications for a period of up to 3 months.

Open positions


Rasmus Therkildsen,
Partner, Architect MAA, 0045 3088 1001

Søren Leth,
Partner, Architect MAA MDL, 0045 2711 1990

Lars Jensen, Team Leader CPH, Architect MAA,
lj@slethdk 0045 3048 0001

Pi Aasbjerg Hansen, Business & Operations Lead 0045 2920 2990

Anja Sønderby Nørgård, Business Development & Communications Lead 0045 2920 2981

Allan Edmond Hansen,
Architect MAA, 0045 2681 4237

Andreas Gotthelf Kristensen,
Architect, cand.arch., 0045 2920 2972

Asger Agerbak Halvorsen,
Constructing Architect,

Bente Ulrikke Lund Weinreich,
Architect, 0045 2920 2969

Clara Kristine Guldbrandsen

Dorthe Jørgensen
Architect MAA, 0045 29202988

Ela Kara,
Student worker,

Flemming Faartoft
Constructing Architect,

Flemming Tanghus
Architect MAA, 0045 2920 2994

Haris Hasanbegovic
Architect MAA, 0045 2920 2970

Hans Bruun Olesen
Architect, 0045 2920 2971

Irene Blak Wilner
Architect cand.arch, 0045 2920 2987

Jacek Cezary Rymaszewski

Jacob Jakobsen
Constructing Architect, 0045 2920 2973

Jakob Hoé Knudsen
Student worker,

Jens Bager,
Architect MAA, 0045 2920 2984

Jens Vium Skaarup,
Architect MAA, 0045 2920 2980

Johan Stoustrup,
Architect cand.arch, 0045 2920 2968

Line Østergaard Poulsen,
Architect cand.arch,

Mads Marquard Markersen
Architect MAA, 0045 29202986

Mads Hjeds Strange
Student worker,

Mathias Skafte Andersen,
Architect MAA/Graphic Designer, 0045 4094 6648

Mathias Ørntoft
Architect MAA, 0045 2920 2997

Mathilde Ballegaard Lehrmann
Architect MAA,

Marie Wacher Rødbro
Landscape Architect MAA MDL,, 0045 2920 2977

Melissa Bach Yildirim,
Office Coordinator, 0045 2920 2989

Mike Højrup Brandt,
Architect MAA, 0045 2920 2974

Nanna Østergaard Christensen
Architect MAA,

Niels Eli Kjær Thomsen,
Architect MAA, 0045 2920 2995

Philip Deleauran,
Constructing Architect MAK, 0045 2920 2999

Rasmus Tind Salling,
Constructing Architect MAK, 0045 2920 2998

Søren Chr. Madsen,
Architect MAA, 0045 3136 9442

Troels Voer Hørup,
Constructing Architect, 0045 2920 2975


SLETH was founded in 2009 by partners and architects Søren Leth and Rasmus Therkildsen. With roots in the industrial South Harbor of Aarhus, Denmark, SLETH has evolved into a transdisciplinary and diverse studio employing 25 talented people with a wide range of professional backgrounds in its Aarhus and Copenhagen offices.

In 2016 SLETH moved into our current Aarhus location, Sonnesgade 11. The building, which is both designed and owned by SLETH, embodies the office’s unique approach to architecture, sustainability, and urban design. Our Copenhagen office is located within COBE, a long time collaborator, in Pakhus 54 in the North Harbour.