0204 Weekendhuset

Year: 2020
Location: Handrup, Denmark
Size: 130m²
Client: Private
Photos: Rasmus Hjortshøj COAST

On top of a hillside in Handrup, in the scenic area of Mols with views to Ebeltoft cove, lies a wooden cottage.

The wooden interior gives a warm, lined feel to the space which is organized in three different zones. The zones are defined by the sloping terrain on three different levels.

The first zone serves as the entrance and common area with a custom-made joinery kitchen and a large space for dining and relaxing. The floor to ceilings windows are oriented towards a spectacular view overlooking the cove of Ebeltoft and open up to create a seamless connection between the inside and outside. The second zone contain the children’s rooms, relating to an outside living area with a covered terrace that prolongs the season. The last zone contains the master bedroom and bathroom. From the undisturbed and private master bedroom there is an unhindered corner view overlooking the cove.

The cottage is constructed entirely in danish Douglas wood. The robust wooden constructions are visible inside the cottage and convey a form of simplicity and clarity. The domination of untreated, knots-filled Danish wood is reminiscent of older and more traditional Danish summer holiday homes. However, the visible constructions in combination with the silk smooth brick floor, the more exclusive joinery kitchen, and the layout in different levels makes the cottage modern and luxurious in an understated, Scandinavian way. A reinterpretation of the traditional ‘cigar box’ holiday home.

The cottage sits on a large terrace that almost fill out the entire plot. What is left is wilderness with little to nothing to maintain. The three different levels are gathered under one green roof. The roof slopes down towards the common room, where rainwater is collected and pour down as a waterfall into a round container integrated in the terrace.

The Weekend Cottage is unpretentious luxury. Withdrawn togetherness