0136 Hillerød Syd


Year: 2013
Location: Hillerød, DK
Size: 300 acres
Status: 2nd prize in competition

Future Hillerød South is both a landscape and a city. The future residents and businesses in Hillerød South will benefit from living in a neighborhood that is characterised by a clear and distinctive scenic structure that contains qualities of both – small and large scale.

Hillerød today has a strong green identity. The town’s distinctive Y-shape allows the landscape to penetrate far into the city from all sides, and ensures that despite its continued growth, there is a unique connection to the landscape in most of the city. This existing green identity is created by city’s long traditions in high quality landscape architecture. Strategy which adds new landscape structures will create new landscape qualities and will help to strengthen its exiting green identity.

The plan for the expansion is based on a simple and unique landscape structure. It aims to create quality, variety and consistency in the new district. Landscape can be established independently of urban development. It can create high landscape qualities while ensuring flexibility of built development.