0215 Orientkaj Metroplads

Urban space for active urban life by the water

Year: 2022
Location: Nordhavn, Copenhagen
Status: Realized 2022
Collaborators: Cobe, Sangberg, Niras
Photos: Rasmus Hjortshøj COAST / Cobe

The first glance of the water, the metro elevated above the city, an introduction to Nordhavn’s vast expanses and green identity – these are all elements that are prominently present at Orientkaj Metroplads. The plaza combines all these elements in a new hybrid expression of green and blue mobility at Nordhavn. The urban space is an extended hub of experiences on a large and intimate scale that is combined under the metro, in the green loop, and on the edge of the water.

Orientkaj Metroplads is the area’s primary urban space and contains Nordhavn’s first metro elevated station ´Orientkaj´. The urban space supports the area’s expression as a bright and green environment in combination with the metro’s urban footprint. The plaza works with a marked green densification along the subway that frames the cycle path in the green loop and creates a view to water and the horizon and sky. The urban space is a space of movement that articulates many different movements and lines: the coastline, the water, the subway, the cycle path in the green loop, crossing pedestrians, and the harbor bus that will stop at the plaza.

The area’s predominately white district is expressed here as different situations that frame and edge the water. The plaza is designed as a large white in-situ molded surface with trees that stand in a grid and several larger green beds. The urban space appears green and varied with different types and sizes of trees.

By the green beds, there are benches where you can take a break and enjoy the view over the water while you wait for the metro or the harbor bus. The contact with the water and the view over the Orient Basin is the plaza’s main attraction and is emphasized by the fact that the plaza steps down towards the water, enabling users and passers-by to get close the waterfront.

A special shielding and robust planting is chosen with the location and the conditions at the quayside in mind.