0205 Amtssygehuset

Transformation of a Hospital

Year: 2016-2017
Location: Aarhus, DK
Size: 67.400 m2
Status: Ongoing
Collaborators: SLA, Moe, Urban Creators, Innovation Lab, Mogens Morgen and Martin Thim

The City of Aarhus is recently undergoing great changes with a high growth in inhabitants, new infrastructure (lightrail) and urban districts emerging as the city is transforming itself.

The historic County Hospital (designed by renowned city architect Axel Høeg-Hansen) was originally situated on the outskirts of the city.

As the hospital is moving out of the heritage buildings, the hospital area will be reconnected to the surroundings, now a dense neighborhood of typical Aarhus blocks.

The vision for the project is based on a reading of the historic hospital and landscape, activating the original structure as the backbone for the new urban district.The development plan envisions a wide range of dwelling typologies, “the urban family” inspired by the multitude of building types and spaces in the historic complex.

A number of green and urban spaces emphasize the public life in the city, creating a strong identity for the residents and for the entire Vesterbro district.