0230 Ø—Linjen

Sequence of green urban spaces

Ø1: Lighthouse
Client: Anpartsselskabet Lighthouse United
Architect: SLETH/Schønherr
Area: approx. 2.500 m²
Status: Under development

Ø2: Isbjerget and Pakhusene
Client: Aarhus Municipality
Architect: SLETH
Area: approx. 1.800 m²
Status: Realized in May 2019

Ø3: Havneholmen and Generationernes Hus
Client: Havneholmen P/S
Architect: SLETH
Area: approx. 2.500 m²
Status: Realized in June 2019

Ø4: Bassin 7
Client: Anpartsselskabet Bassin 7
Architect: SLETH
Area: ca. 1.500 m²
Status: Under development

Ø-Linjen (The Island Line) is a recreational green passage spanning across the four canal islands of Aarhus Ø. In collaboration with Lighthouse United ApS, Pensam, TopDanmark, Aarhus Kommune, Bassin 7, and through an inclusive process with the inhabitants of Aarhus Ø, SLETH has developed the concept of a 8000 m2 green canvas that fills the inbetween spaces of the built and prospective buildings of the district.

Ø-Linjen is based on the grass roots initiatives of the Aarhus Ø inhabitants and their wishes for a greener district. Each of the four canal islands are given different identities, reacting to the buildings and functions that surround it while accommodating both park-like stays, play, activities and urban gardening.

Island 2 and 3 was realized in May/June of 2019 with Island 2 being focused on recreation, green houses, bushes and benches, and Island 3 focusing on activities, playgrounds, petanque, and urban fitness. All this will be surrounded by up to 100 trees in an otherwise dense urban setting.

SLETH has acted both as architect on the project and as curator of the many ideas and inputs that have been introduced as the result of open meetings, workshops, and participation of more than 800 citizens as well as the diverse group of owners and investors.