0403 Musikhusparken

Competition proposal

Year: 2023
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Size: 30.000m2
Status: 2. prize in competition
Collaborators: Inside Outside, EKJ, Metropolitan Metaculture, Raw Mobility

“Musikhusparken should be the Park of the City. A vibrant gathering place for culture, city life and meetings between people. Byens Park is Aarhus’ greenest urban space. The park is a destination for Aarhus residents and visitors – both for everyday life and for parties: in t-shirts and dress shoes, in sunshine and snow.”

“Byens Park” is Sven Hansen’s original description of the area. We aim to rethink and readapt his original vision to the new situation with the significant cultural institutions around Musikhuset and the connection across Frederiks Allé.

Byens Park is a vibrant gathering place for culture, nature, city life, and social encounters. It creates space for nature. In one large cohesive green structure, the park is woven together into a landscape full of experiences, art, and biodiversity. It creates space for culture and art; Your Rainbow Panorama, the upcoming dome over The Next Level, the new Art Square and Musikhuset. Furthermore it creates space for events. The Cultural Square, the extended foyer, is the park’s central urban space and functions as a flexible stage for the interplay of everyday life and special occasions. Finally, it creates space for everyday life as a natural part of the movement of soft traffic in Aarhus’ cultural quarter.

Vision: Park of the City

Rethink Sven Hansen

Green corridors

Woven park for the city