0181 Æggepakkeriet

Housing in Aarhus K

Year: 2014-2020
Location: Aarhus, DK
Size: 14.000 m2
Status: Built
Photos: Rasmus Hjortshøj / COAST

The development is intended as an architectural prototype of how to build the new city district of Aarhus Freight rail area. The composite building combines old and new, high and low, small and large, block scheme and individual buildings in a dense, unified composition with urban character. The vision off egg packing offers new and exciting urban setting, mixed housing typologies and public urban functions based on the idea of freight areas the industrial heritage – a form of architectural “Freight Hybrid” around the old Egg Packing factory and goods yard.

Preserved Egg Packing building is the element which unites different qualities of the setting. Buildings are created as a single block that creates a well-defined body of the building which defines a streetscape and private inner courtyard. The complex is composed of different houses each with their functions and expressions.