0065 North Harbour


Year: 2009-ongoing
Location: Copenhagen DK
Size: 350 ha
Status: 1st prize in competition, ongoing
Collaborators: COBE, Polyform, Rambøll
Visualisations: Luxigon
Photos: Rasmus Hjortshøj COAST

North Harbour is a postindustrial area situated in the docks to the North of Copenhagen. Following the 1st prize in an open international competition for urban development of Copenhagen North harbour, the project is ongoing in its pursuit towards realisation. Subsequently, the team has developed five local plans and has been involved in all aspects of realisation.

North Harbour is based on the principle of a ‘5-minute city’, with public transportation, neighborhoods, local amenities, greenery, and water all within 5 minutes’ reach. The structure plan establishes a number of strategies and physical interventions that create flexible and robust plan for the future development of Copenhagen’s new quarter. Large area is divided into smaller, well-defined neighborhoods by digging new channels and creating new islands. Each district contains a mix of features that support social diversity and create active and safe urban environments.