0342 Paustians Hus

New use in beautiful and robust frames

Year: 2020
Location: Nordhavn, Copenhagen
Size: 4.000 m2
Status: Renovation & conversion completed 2022
Collaborators: Renovation & conversion completed 2022
Photos: Rasmus Hjortshøj COAST

Paustian has moved its furniture house from the premises in Nordhavn, Copenhagen. SLETH has transformed the house into an office building with respect for the qualities of the listed building.

Paustian’s House is as refined as it is robust towards changing use. It is a furniture house, which is built to accommodate different and changing content. The house will accommodate an office environment with working people on the same floors, where there once was furniture.

The house is listed in its entirety already when the building was only 25 years old, which makes it one of the youngest listed buildings in Denmark. Nevertheless, the building’s load-bearing conservation values ​​are concentrated towards the harbor, which are the parts of the building that date from the time of construction in 1987.

It is especially the façade facing the water, the spectacular primary atrium, and the refined canteen rooms. The conversion makes as few interventions in these parts of the house as possible. Paustian’s House was rebuilt in 2010 in connection with the establishment of Harbor House II. In this connection, Paustian’s House was extended and rebuilt at the rear. The conversion primarily uses the back and the building’s basement to establish the practical functions, such as offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, which are necessary in an office building.

The transformation ensures a continued active use of Paustian’s House. Use equals protection, and continued use is an important prerequisite for a successful protection. With the project, Paustian’s House has been preserved and can in the future be experienced with the same architecture spirit as it was originally intended. The solutions are of moderate scope and placed appropriately in relation to the house’s organization and architecture and the building’s primary space can still be experienced.

 Paustian’s House is robust and, in many ways, created to accommodate different layouts and functions. It is a tribute to Utzon that, with few interventions, the house can transition to new use without losing its expression and its identity.