0260 Testrup Højskole

Modern setting in traditional buildings

Year: 2018-
Location: Mårslet, Aarhus
Size: 4.000 m2
Status: Ongoing
Collaborators: Søren Jensen Rådgivende Ingeniørfirma
Visualisations: SLETH

Testrup Folk High School has embarked on a comprehensive modernization of the folk high school, which will secure the future of the traditional folk high school from 1866 south of Aarhus. SLETH has been the architect of an epoch-making transformation of the school’s iconic and conservation-worthy main buildings.

The project includes a modernization of the college’s various buildings, which started with the Lecture Hall (now the House of Literature) in 1866. Three of the four current main buildings are worthy of preservation. It is historic and vital academic facilities that must now be lifted, while the school is simultaneously renovating student housing and official housing.

The folk high school is future-proofed by increasing the teaching area per. student, improve the indoor climate, minimize the college’s operating costs, and increase flexibility.

Testrup Folk High School consists – in addition to the student and official housing – of four buildings: The House of Literature, The House of Art, The House of Administration, and The House of Dinning – centered around an inner courtyard. Based on SLETH’s comprehensive plan for the entire folk high school, three buildings and the courtyard will be modernized and renovated in different stages.

The modernization of The House of Art is under construction, while SLETH has prepared foundation material for use in financing a gentle renovation and thorough modernization of The House of Literature, The House of Administration, and transformation of the courtyard, which in the future will gather the buildings to a greater extent. Inspired by Aarhus University, a new courtyard, a new arrival, and new connections are created. The surface connects the buildings worthy of preservation and defines the professional space. Towards The House of Art, a stair / ramp system will be established, which will provide opportunities for accommodation and free service access to the theater hall. The arrival from the car park is renewed with a ramp leading directly to the new reception and the courtyard. The folk high school’s former “backs” are transformed into the folk high school’s new “faces”.