0104 Göteborg Plaza

Urban Design

Year: 2016
Location: Copenhagen, DK
Size: 6.400m2
Status: Completed
Photos: Rasmus Hjortshøj COAST

In 2009, Sleth won an open international competition for urban development of Copenhagen Northharbour in colaboration with COBE and Ramboll. Subsequently, the team has developed five local plans, has been involved in all aspects of realization but has particularly contributed to the final design and realization of Gothenburg Square (Silo Plaza), which is now being completed.

Gothenburg area consists of buildings with cafes and restaurants and is focal point for urban life in Århusgade neighborhood. Composition of the plaza is established by a continuous surface of large 2×2 meter concrete tiles, which brings together totality of the space. Series of gentle hills point back to the port’s history, as the disembarkation point for piles of cement and gravel, as well as functioning as urban furniture for stay and play. Golden, round bicycle racks add warmth to the space and interact with the site’s large scale in raw nature. Large evergreen trees and shrubs are creating shelter, shade and space in the square and contributing to neighborhood’s green character.

Gothenburg Square marks a beginning of an urban life in the Copenhagen’s new district, a new meeting place and a place to visit for the entire city.