0382 Kolding Designskole

Authentic & sustainable transformation

Year: 2022
Location: Kolding, Denmark
Size: 8,500 m2
Status: In design, 1st prize in competition 2022
Collaborators: Cubo, Spangenberg & Madsen, ABC Rådgivende Ingeniører, VM Acoustics
Visualisations: Cubo

The transformation of the Kolding School of Design puts the students at the center by creating the optimal physical framework for an inspiring learning environment with the design workshops as a unifying and visible center. SLETH has – together with Cubo, Spangenberg & Madsen, ABC Rådgivende Ingeniører, and VM Acoustics – won the architectural competition to create an attractive research center and talent workshop of international standard.

The winning proposal transforms the building in a robust and ‘honest’ way. The original dynamic industrial architecture is reflected as far as possible, with associations to the Bauhaus school’s architectural visible framework. With a simple and implemented approach, the project introduces two new staircases that strengthens the vertical connection in the house and establishes an organization where study places, workshops, and seminar rooms appear logical and with good practical qualities.

The team’s proposal works with a sustainable vision in an inextricable context with functionality and buildability that is made visible in the architecture. Inside the building, load-bearing structures is the overall architectural elements, which are allowed to appear bare, just as the installations are visible.

SLETH’s role in the team is a sparring partner on the transformation strategy in relation to the modern and industrial cultural heritage, and as responsible for landscape and urban spaces, which is expressed through the improvement of the urban spaces on Campus. Here, the strategy is to transform the school’s parking areas into green pockets near the building. A circular traffic for soft road users is established around the Campus along the buildings and the river, leaving the campus area free of traffic. A creative campus site between the Design School and the river will offer mockup areas, urban spaces, and sports areas. The intention is to create a harmonious coherence in the district and create a synergy between the campus institutions among themselves, and between the city and the campus.