0165 Hovinbyen

Masterplan, Oslo

Year: 2014-2015
Location: Oslo, NO
Size: 1.100 acres
Status: 1st prize in competition

Territory designated to Oslo’s expansion (Hovinbyen) is part of a large, open infrastructure landscape: ‘The Gray Delta’. Hovinbyen has no classic qualities that can create basis for good cities. It is neither at the waterfront, nor in the mountains. It has no clear directions or immediate anchor points that can create identity and understanding of the territorial information. The transformation of Hovinbyen should be established within the friction of the territories biggest challenge and potential: future development meeting with the existing buildings and urban structures.

Proposed Urban transformation strategy for Hovinbyen is made of 3 elements: Green Heart (Atrium), 8 Identities (Corridors) and 10 Districts (Points). The 10 districts are defined together with 8 identities and assembled by one large Green Heart. The Green Heart ensures that all new districts have proximity to green space consisting of new, coherent networks, recreation areas and programs. The Districts are identified and based on existing and new qualities found around infrastructure nodes. The points are the basis for sustainable urban development and urban densification strategy of a particular urban space. The 8 Identities binds districts together. The corridors are linking non-contiguous urban and green structures and creating new network across the city.