0221 Stavtrup Kultur- og IdrætscenterCulture- and sports center

Year: 2017-
Location: Stavtrup, Denmark
Size: 2.700m2
Status: Ongoing

The project envisions to create a social, community-based sport and culture facility in Stavtrup and surroundings.

Stavtrup Kultur- og Idrætscenter is thought to be developed through 6 strategies, as various tools to reinforce and develop the community within the community.

At the city level, the project creates new paths and connects Stavtrup Kultur- og Idrætscenter to the surrounding areas. The goal is to create a building that is clearly recognizable as a culture house with 4 actives and open facades. Well connected with its environment.

The building is organized in a functional way with a “cultural” exterior and an active interior. Stavtrup Kultur- og Idrætscenter is an active multifunctional facility. The roof is used as an architectural element which send a clear signal about the functions is hosting. It is the place that gathers all the features and creates meeting areas protected from weather and wind. All along the year.

– All under one roof.